The 4 Most Independent Zodiac Signs

In a world that is increasingly “connected” digitally, where our networks of interdependence become more sophisticated with each passing day, the renegades, upstarts, and lone wolves who prefer to chart their own paths, make their own way, and set out on their own are nostalgically heroic.

Although it is obvious that societies function better when everyone cooperates and works together, it is also an undeniable historical fact that most true advances in science, literature, and philosophy were made by loners and revolutionaries who lived on the outskirts and sought out new perspectives.

Here are the four zodiac signs that are the most self-sufficient.


Saturn, the planet of responsibility, resolve, and solitude, rules Aquarius, as it does Capricorn. They have highly precise objectives, preferences, and techniques. Their motto is, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” People frequently misinterpret this as aloofness or detachment, but it’s simply stark realism; because Aquarius is intelligent and self-directed, and because they don’t get bogged down in the trivialities and distractions that others do, they are absolutely correct that they are the best-qualified person to not only identify what’s good for them but to pursue it until it’s achieved. Although it may appear to be a contradiction, they are also the ideal type of team member because their unwavering sense of responsibility is the best asset any team could have.


Capricorn, widely regarded as the most hardworking and diligently hyper-focused of all the star signs, despises feeling reliant on others for anything. They despise asking for aid, money, guidance, or anything else. It all feels infantilizing and demeaning to them.

They are the most likely of all signs to know what they want, to devise a strategy to obtain it, and to labor endlessly and unceasingly until they obtain not just what they desire, but just a little bit more to tide them over. They are so self-assured that when they sing “Lean on Me” at karaoke night, they imagine they are singing to themselves.


Sagittarius, a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, is a free-spirited sign who enjoys getting its motor running and heading off on the highway by itself. They frequently regard other people as hurdles, as roadblocks that impede them from achieving their goals, realizing their aspirations, and reaching their destinations.

Although they are not antisocial in and of themselves, other people’s complaints, pettiness, squabbling, and drama can bring them down. They enjoy working remotely and embody the DIY (Do It Yourself) spirit. When the Archer draws back the string on their bow and prepares to release their arrow, it’s better to move out of the path.


Gemini, the zodiac’s natural-born rebel, rarely feels lonely because, well, they’re Twins. They are the least prone of the zodiac signs to be affected by the judgemental attitudes or negative opinions of others. They have a strong, unwavering sense of self, and if a thousand people disagree with them, it doesn’t matter; they’ll just shrug and chalk it up to the fact that no one understands what’s best for them as well as they do. They believe in Socrates’ famous adage, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”