These 4 Zodiac Signs Always Fight With Their Partners


Your dual nature might make you rather unexpected at times. You also have a tendency to overthink situations and talks, and you get irritated if your spouse does not match your communication abilities. Even enraged. Defensive. You speak things you don’t mean and fight till your tongue falls off.


You already know you’re a fiery and quick-tempered sign, Aries. You are well-known for your boldness and powerful personality. You are more likely to pick a dispute with your partner because of your fiery personality, competitive and impulsive disposition, and strong desire for control. You may even discover that the dynamics of your relationship are confrontational.


You are a perfectionist to the point of obsession. You are extremely critical because you set such high expectations for others — and yourself. This thorough and nitpicky personality might lead to frequent disagreements with your partner, even over minor matters. You are a quiet judge, which might cause conflict.


You are one of the most intense signs of the zodiac, and you can be highly jealous and possessive when it comes to love. Without a doubt, this will lead to arguments, frequently ones that you create. You are so passionate and devoted that if you feel threatened or suspect anything is going on, you pick arguments to put your partner to the test.