A Guide to Native Species

Tennessee Roses

Tennessee is home to a number of natural rose species. Their genuine beauty lies in their simplicity, which contrasts with the refinement of garden cultivars.

Understanding Species Roses

The progenitors of all rose varieties, species roses are simpler but much easier to grow. They have adapted to thrive across Tennessee.

Pasture Rose

 This plant is hardy and grows quickly. It prefers full sun and soil that drains well and is slightly acidic. It produces long-lasting pink and yellow summer flowers.

The swamp rose

organic-rich soils. It's ideal for low-lying portions of your yard. It bears pale pink or white blooms with golden centers.

Climbing Prairie Rose

The climbing prairie rose is a vigorous climber that thrives in open areas. It develops deep brilliant pink flowers on infertile, compacted soils.

Carolina Rose

The Carolina rose is common in Tennessee. It thrives in a wide range of soil conditions and is ideal for compact spaces. It blooms with lovely pale pink flowers

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