Dog Bronchitis: Unraveling the Cough Mystery

Understanding Dog Bronchitis

Dog bronchitis is inflammation of the lower airways. It can be acute or chronic, with coughing as the most prominent symptom.

Symptoms of Dog Bronchitis

Coughing, often dry and spasmodic, is the main sign of bronchitis. Severe bronchitis can lead to pneumonia.

Causes of Acute Dog Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis can be caused by infections, parasites, allergies, or inhalation of smoke or chemical fumes.

Chronic Bronchitis in Dogs

Chronic bronchitis is a long-term condition diagnosed when a dog has had a cough for at least two months. It's often seen in smaller breeds.

Diagnosing Dog Bronchitis

Diagnosis is based on the dog’s history, a physical examination, and clinical signs. Diagnostic tools like X-rays and endoscopy may be used.

Treating Bronchitis in Dogs

Treatment for acute bronchitis includes rest, nutrition, and hydration. Chronic bronchitis treatment involves corticosteroids to decrease inflammation.

Preventing Dog Bronchitis

Prevention includes maintaining a healthy weight for your dog and avoiding inhaled irritants. Vaccines can protect against cough-causing illnesses.

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