Enhance Your Garden with Indigenous Flora

Native Plant Appreciation

Discover the distinct beauty and ecological value of Tennessee's native flora. In your garden, embrace their adaptability and resilience.

Choosing the Correct Species

Navigate the enormous assortment of Tennessee native plants and select species that will thrive in your garden's soil, sunlight, and climate.

Biodiversity Enhancement 

Planting native species will attract a plethora of native birds, butterflies, and insects to your garden. Grow a vibrant ecosystem in your own backyard.

Blooms and Seasonal Interest

Discover Tennessee native plants that are beautiful all year, from brilliant wildflowers in the spring to breathtaking leaf displays in the autumn.

Native Plant Landscaping

Discover how to include native plants into your landscape design. Build naturalistic gardens, rain gardens, and animal habitats.

Practices for Sustainable Gardening

Learn how planting native Tennessee plants improves sustainability and reduces the need for excessive watering, fertilizers, and pesticides.

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