Essential Pollinator Plants for Vibrant Blooms

Pollinators' Importance

Learn about the important role pollinators play in sustaining healthy ecosystems and how to support them through careful plant selection.

Native Plant Power

Discover a wide assortment of native Southwest plants that are well-adapted to the region's environment and will attract a wide range of pollinators to your garden.

Colorful Delights

Discover vivid pollinator-attracting flowers such as Desert Marigold, Purple Coneflower, and Mexican Hat, which will bring bursts of color to your garden landscape.

Long Blooming Times

Plants such as the Mexican Sunflower, Globe Mallow, and Blackfoot Daisy will provide a steady supply of nectar and pollen throughout the seasons.

Magnets for butterflies

Plants like Butterfly Weed, Desert Milkweed, and Verbena attract lovely butterflies, bringing enchanting movement to your landscape.

Bee-Friendly Beauty

Plants like Agastache, Penstemon, and Desert Honeysuckle create a welcome habitat for bees while also supplying a necessary food source for these important pollinators.

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