Grass Replacements for Low-Maintenance Landscapes

Benefits of Ground Coverage

 Learn about the benefits of adopting ground cover plants, such as lower water usage, less mowing, and increased biodiversity.

Creeping Thyme

Consider the aromatic and bright Creeping Thyme, which creates a dense carpet of foliage and produces attractive flowers, making it ideal for sunny spaces.


As a ground cover, embrace the tranquil beauty of moss. Its rich green appearance produces a visually pleasing and peaceful setting.


Investigate the advantages of using clover as an environmentally benign and nitrogen-fixing ground cover


Choose the sturdy and drought-tolerant Sedum, which comes in a variety of colors and textures and thrives in a variety of growth situations

Minor Vinca

Consider Vinca Minor, a shade-tolerant ground cover with lovely evergreen foliage and exquisite blue flowers that thrives in low-light conditions.

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