Harmony in a Multidog Household

Setting the Foundation

Learn how to create a distinct hierarchy and assert your position as the pack leader to create a stable and harmonious environment for your dogs.

Individual Attention

The value of giving each dog their own individualized attention and customizing activities to fit their requirements.

Consistency in Routine

Regular feeding, exercise, and training schedules assist establish a sense of stability, which lowers stress and fosters a calm environment.


To improve your dogs' social skills, bolster obedience, and enhance their link with you and one another.

Personal Space

To reduce competitiveness and conflicts among your dogs and promote a feeling of fairness, provide them their own locations and resources.

Positive Reinforcement

In a multidog household, use positive reinforcement techniques and reward-based training methods to promote desired behaviors and deter undesirable ones.

Conflict Resolution

To ensure a happy life, learn how to handle disputes and confrontations between dogs using diversion, redirection, and positive reinforcement.


Keep an eye out for potential disagreements or mishaps, especially when playing, eating, or being introduced to new locations or people.

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