Native Plants for a Flourishing Garden

Importance of Native Plants

Learn why native plants are important in Ohio gardens because they are adapted to local circumstances, provide habitat for local wildlife, and require less maintenance.

Ohio Native Plant Diversity

Discover a wide range of native plants that thrive in Ohio's climate, including wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees that provide both beauty and ecological benefit.

Grasses for Structure

Consider natural grasses that provide texture, height, and habitat for birds and beneficial insects, such as Little Bluestem, Switchgrass, and Indian Grass.

Shrubs with Character

Include native plants such as Spicebush, Winterberry, and Elderberry, which give beauty, scent, and food sources for birds and butterflies.

Tree Treasures

Plant native trees like the Ohio Buckeye, Black Cherry, and Red Oak to improve the aesthetics of your landscape while also providing shade and habitat.

Sustainability in Ohio Gardens

embracing Ohio native flora, supporting local ecosystems, and maintaining the state's natural heritage, you may create a sustainable and environmentally friendly landscape

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