Puppy Separation Anxiety

Understanding Puppy

 The emotional and behavioral difficulties that pups may have when left alone with their owners.

The Signs

the typical behaviors that pups engage in when they are experiencing separation anxiety, such as excessive barking, mischievousness, house-soiling.

Departures and Reunions

Learn how to use counterconditioning and desensitization strategies to gradually expose your puppy to brief absences and foster positive connections with your return.

Comforting Environment

Make your puppy's environment a haven by giving it a special spot with soft bedding, engaging toys, and calming scents that encourage confidence and relaxation.

Consistent Routine

Establish a daily schedule that includes regular food times, exercise, playtime, and downtime to provide your puppy stability and security.


To lessen anxiety, progressively extend the length of the separation, engage in activities that boost confidence.


A licensed dog trainer or behaviorist with experience with separation anxiety may be able to offer you competent advice that is suited to your puppy's individual requirements.

Patience, Love,

As your puppy works to overcome their separation anxiety, provide them unwavering affection, tolerance, and confidence to deepen your relationship 

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