Zodiac Horoscopes in May

Day of Difficulties

three zodiac signs will have a bad day." The goal of the day is to untangle the mess we've created before setting things straight."


Holding on to resentment gives you a wonderful power, but it's silently burning you."


 you've had many mental conversations but never really said anything because that would require you to open your mouth and let your feelings out."


you have many bones to pick, but one matter has never been handled. You'll be unable to sit still until you've gotten it out of your system.


the transit of the Sun trine Pluto will make us want to set things straight." It's the journey that will cost you.

A loved one has ghosted you

The person with whom you have issues has ghosted you and made it impossible for you to contact them, leaving you with your resentments and bottled-up feelings.

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