zodiac signs have the most challenging horoscope

Day of Difficulties

due to Mars opposing Pluto." It's about dealing with obstacles and disturbances at work."


ou resent it when others make decisions for you, especially when they do so casually and spontaneously." Your job routine will be disrupted by a person in a position of responsibility.


The Mars-Pluto opposition brings a new boss or a relative of your current boss, which adds to your dissatisfaction."


you'll be forced to accomplish something unsuitable for your abilities by the 'higher-ups.'"

Mars is in opposition to Pluto.

The Mars-Pluto transit is about battling an enemy who wants us to fail." Our will to succeed or ascend will be destroyed by its might."

Work Environment

t's a highly 'business-only' mode of transportation, and someone might upset all we stand for."

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