Why do People Struggle To Understand Each Zodiac Sign


Because you are warm and friendly to everyone you encounter, it will take a lot of effort for them to break through that and have a relationship with you on a more emotionally personal level than you do with others.


Because it takes more than a fun night out for dinner or drinks to entice you. With your adventurous personality and high energy level, you require much more than a conventional ‘going through the motions’ date before you fall in love.


Because your vibrant and brilliant disposition can make anyone feel like the most important person in the room, it takes a really special individual to get to know you on a deeper level – the version of you that isn’t constantly effervescent and joyful and surrounded by friends. Few people have witnessed your vulnerable side.


Because you have a standard for how you expect to be treated and are not scared to walk away and be on your own for a bit if someone falls short of that standard.


Because you are not easily impressed, and anyone who believes they can sweep you off your feet with minimum effort or subpar devotion is dreaming.


Because your intuition is strong and you can filter through nonsense in less than a second, no one will be able to work with you if they’re playing games or pretending to be someone they’re not.


Because you have so many love suitors to choose from, and you have such strong bonds with so many individuals, you’re not likely to settle down for just anyone.


Because you know what you want and are not scared to leave something or someone if you are unhappy.


Because, no matter how much you admire someone, your rationality and practicality are strong enough to make you walk away if they don’t treat you well or don’t meet you halfway.


Because you’re honest and will tell it like it is – and such candor makes others feel both excited and intimidated.


Because you are quite guarded with your emotions, and it takes a very special person for you to be willing to open up and let go of your customary sense of detachment and aloofness in relationships.


Because you’ve been extremely trusting in prior relationships and you sometimes let your past experience interfere too much with your present judgments, it’s much more difficult for you to relax and open up if you’ve been wounded before.