Why Every Zodiac Sign Struggles To Get Over The One They’ve Never Dated


You can’t get over them because you believe that timing was not on your side and that you were both unprepared, and you believe that when the time is right, this relationship can be rekindled and even successful. You don’t tolerate failure, especially in relationships, because you constantly find answers to even the most difficult problems.


You can’t go past them because you can’t take no for an answer, and you’re used to always having the upper hand. You won’t be able to sleep until you obtain exactly what you desire, no matter what the cost. Part of you still believes that you can be with this person and that if you keep trying, they will fall in love with you and you will regain control.


You can’t get over them because you’ve been watching too many romantic films, and your life has become a movie. You enjoy the drama and thrill of one-sided relationships, and you believe in ‘plot twists’ that can turn your love life around and have your lover suddenly declare their undying love for you. Even in the most hopeless conditions, you always have hope.


You can’t get over them because they touched your heart, and you can’t get that emotion out of your head. It’s not something you see every day, and it’s not something you forget lightly. You’re romanticizing the few times you had together, and you believe that all you need is a second chance to make this work.


You are unable to overcome them because your ego is too large to tolerate rejection. You don’t give up easily, and you don’t really give up on what you want unless you’ve tried everything, so you’re probably still in this person’s life as a friend or a colleague, and you’re hanging around because you feel you can ultimately win their heart.


You can’t get over them since you feel like you didn’t contribute to the connection. You blame yourself for failing to tell that person how much they meant to you while you had the opportunity and for failing to make them feel loved. Your guilt is what keeps you believing that you damaged a wonderful relationship by being overly planned and guarded.


You can’t get over them because you can’t completely walk away, and you don’t mind having feelings for someone. You’re still available and there for them when they need you, which makes it difficult to move on when you constantly see and chat with them.


You can’t get over them since they tasted like your own medication. Because you’re usually the unattainable one and the one who isn’t ready for commitment, the bitterness of falling for someone inaccessible hits you more than others because you’re not used to being the one chasing or pursuing others when they’re unsure.


You can’t get over them because you can’t forget the moment you opened up to each other on top of a mountain or went camping together. You value those quality experiences and nice moments far too much to pretend they never happened. They meant a lot to you, and you didn’t take that connection lightly, which is why you’re finding it difficult to believe that it didn’t mean as much to the other person.


You can’t go on because you thought they were ‘the one.’ You’re obstinate, and once you believe anything, it’s difficult to change your mind, so if you thought this person was the one for you, It may take you longer to reject this thought since your instincts and gut never lie, and you know that your feelings for this individual are legitimate and valid.


You can’t get over them because you were too careful about them. You felt that fear was keeping you from genuinely giving this person what they needed, and you believe in second chances. That’s why you’re always torn between taking a chance and showing them how much they mean to you and letting them go and playing it safe.


You can’t get over them because you can’t connect on a deeper level. You keep repeating your sincere and intense conversations, and reviewing your previous chats still makes your heart skip a beat. You’re still thinking about the past and what could have been, and it’s preventing you from giving other connections a chance since you’re constantly comparing.